Background Checks

Experience Verification:
Candidate’s previous employers are contacted by telephone screening team and the right source is quickly identified in the HR department. All factual details of the candidate’s tenure at his / her organization are confirmed against those provided by the candidate in the Standard format either over an email or telephone.
Address Verification:
A physical visit is made without intimation or appointment to the candidate’s residence. A neighbor confirmation as a caution check is performed in a subtle to confirm the awareness of the candidate’s existence in the neighbourhood.
Education Verification:
A physical visit is made at the college / institution or the university for verification, a photocopy of the marksheet /degree certificate is submitted. Receipt of verification in the form of letter from the Registrar/ Principal.
Reference Verification:
Professional References provided by the candidate are interviewed telephonically. The professional association of the referral with the candidate is established and confirmed.
Gap Verification:
Identifying the Gap in all the checks based on the information filled by the candidate through the rigorous screening through the forms provided by the candidate with a criminal record check and the reason for the Gaps.
Credit Checks:
A Credit Check Through a credit bureau to understand candidates past credit history and see if there has been any defaults.
Identity Checks:
Pancard/ Passport/ Voters ID – Documents submitted as a proof of Identity are verified from Issuing Authorities / Official API’s.
Drug Tests:
A Urine Sample is collected by a Lab Expert from the Client’s office of the specific Candidate & accordingly the sample is taken to the Lab for the testing.
Database Checks:
We are registered partner with World Database Check and have direct access to the repository. The details are checked basis on the same i.e. Name of the candidate, DOB. The system throws more options incase the details updated has more number of records. We need to access the complete information to identify the one we are looking for. The data also covers credit check, litigation, civil, drug and criminal.
Court Record Checks:
Verification conducted through a certified lawyer who runs through theOnline database of cases in Indian Courts under:-

1. Civil Proceedings: Original Suit / Miscellaneous Suit / Execution Petition.
A. District Courts / Lower Court / Civil Court & Small Causes : All Session Courts.
B. High Court: All High Courts of India
C. Supreme Court: Supreme Court of India

2. Criminal Proceedings: Criminal Petitions / Criminal Appeal / Sessions Case / Criminal Miscellaneous Petition / Criminal Revision Appeal
A. Sessions Court : All Session Courts
B. High Court : All High Courts of India
C. Supreme Court : Supreme Court of India
Police Verification:
Genesisrms identifies the CID office / Superintendent of Police of a location. Complete set of candidate documents are submitted for verification. Written confirmation in the form of certificate is obtained from the Police Authorities.