Our Case Studies

1. How we assisted to catch an employee financial fraud.

One of our reputed logistics, distribution and supply chain client had increasing concerns related to the company expenditure in one of their regional offices.

This raised some alarms and the client decided to do background checks for various positions for the regional office to validate the feedback from previous employers for any links that may be related to this subject matter.

During the background verification of one such regional manager who was handling finances, budgets & vendors, it was revealed that he was terminated from the previous employer due to financial fraud that he had committed.

A further detailing revealed that he had allegedly forged his pay slips as well, showing higher remunerations than what he was earning from previous employer so that can he could negotiate a better package from our client, which he succeeded in doing so.

The previous organisationalso claimed that they had registered a criminal case against the employee, due to the financial fraud that he had committed with them, which was confirmed via the criminal record check that we performed, our client was stunned by all the discovery and findings.

Our client convoked auditors on the regional manager’s department to find out about any malpractices in the books, following which, it was found that his mendacious activities were still going on, one of auditors detection revealed that he was inflating various vendor invoices and getting away with it since a long time which had substantially made a difference in company’s expenditure exposure in the particular regional office.

The client now does background verifications for each and every employee and it has assisted our client’s firm with minimizing employee related frauds.