Our Case Studies

3. When you are paying right, you deserve to get right, however is your organisation truly safeguarded for the second “right”?

A highly popular retail lifestyle multinational client of ours was expanding footprints in India. They wanted to hire the finest and the most experienced talent available in the country, for which, they were offering excellent remuneration packages, soon after, they had closed down on a fulgent store manager personality from the same lifestyle industry.

However after sometime, the client was increasingly facing certain business issues related to day-to-day affairs with this particular store manager’s outlet and various complaints were coming forth. Considering the apocryphal facts, they decided to do background check for the store manager just to check the previous employers feedback.

During the background check it was found out that the candidate was misleading our client to believe that he had the experience of a store manager, however was a supervisor and forged the documents. Also the education check performed concluded the degree was forged, the company concluded that all the business issues are coming up because he simply did not have the experience and skillset.

The firm now does background verifications (BGV) for all candidates and has a discrepancy rate of 12%, the company has very strong values and regards for background check process after their bad experience as they believe background checks directly assists it altering business losses due employee behavior, skills and experience.