Pre-Employment Screening and Background Check

Effective background screening to prevent fraud hires

AI Report Generation for Background Verification

100% accuracy & transparency in employee’s background search

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Comprehensive and cost-effective verification components

01Risk mitigation via background checks

Our list of background checks includes employees’ history verification, work experience verification, pre-employment screening, employee’s education verification, civil and criminal record check, gap verification, identity check, employee’s address verification, police record check and resume verification.

02Get a clear and
accurate picture

We offer a gamut of B2B services with a niche in pre-employment background check. Other services include general investigations and market research, framing and reviewing company risk and compliance management policies, vendor due diligence, BSFI fraud investigations, B2B and B2C surveillance, and audit services.

03Maximise growth with smart hiring

The employees in any organization benchmark its ability to stay ahead. While there’s no shortage of human resource, breakthroughs happen when your organization engages with the right employees. Our expert professionals thoroughly assess the history and background of your prospective hires, to help you steer towards the desired future.

Competent Employees Make Businesses Thrive

Ensure quality Risk Management Services in minimum turn-around-time using authorized verification sources.

GenesisRMS is an ISO 27001:2013 certified risk management consultancy. Join hands with our fully-equipped and focused team for all types of pre-employment background checks. Get effective costing and quick turnaround time through authorized sources of verification.

Onboarding new employees require speed and accuracy, hence, we offer a transparent environment and simplified processes to all our clients, so you feel at complete ease while working with us.

Authorized partner associations
On-time delivery and accuracy
Single point of contact for your business
Well networked with universities
Quality checks and audited reports

Tailoring Products to Meet Your Industry Needs

Our bespoke products and verification systems have been built with a real-time focus on your industry’s requirements. Because we have a start-up mentality, we are very nimble. We constantly review the market – to see what should be the ultimate background checks for your specific industry – and we are very fast in delivering all the necessary checks to help you onboard the right candidate in the shortest possible duration.

IT, Retail, Real Estate, BFSI, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Transport, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Mining, Fashion, Edutech, Jewellery, Consulting, Security and Manufacturing – name your industry, and we’ve got you covered!

GenesisRMS Advanced Digital Platform

Embrace digitization for pre-employment verification and onboarding.

A proprietary web based on-boarding portal where your applicants can fill the information remotely. The dashboard offers high efficacy, accuracy, lesser TAT, lesser cost, and a hassle-free experience for your HR/TA or operations managers.

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