Advance Finger-Print Technology

Seamless Revolution: Transforming Security, Empowering Access Authority

The Uniqueness of Fingerprints

Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test: A Scientific Exploration of Individuality

Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test or DMIT is like a map to understand the innate intelligence of an individual. It can help your organization identify the right talent based on the job’s requirements. Our systems provide an automated self-assessment report based on:

  • Personality and Communication Style
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Ideal Work Environment
  • Motivating Factors and Driving Force
  • Methods for Effective Conflict Resolution


GenesisRMS provides all kinds of background verification or surveillance services to businesses, BFSIs, NGOs, individuals and government agencies across India. We are focused. We are agile. We are helpful.

Our work ethics are driven by speed, efficiency and accuracy and an expert team of individuals with at least a decade-old industry experience. Choose an intelligent approach to background screening rooted in years of trusted experience – to help you or your organization make confident and quick hiring decisions.