GenesisRMS White Shield

Comprehensive and advanced white collar screening solutions

Build a genius foundation for your enterprise

With Comprehensive Screening Approach for Unparalleled Leadership

Having the right leadership in an organization is every shareholder and promoter’s obligation. Go a step forward while hiring for a leadership position with GenesisRMS White Shield ™ screening program.

Criminal, Civil and Financial Due Diligence – We perform the civil, criminal and administrative judicial procedures. Check if the candidate is PEP (Politically exposed Person), has any negative affiliations in local media, embezzlement and fraud associations, bankruptcy charges, or comes with a credit or reputational risk. We also perform a global database check to ensure no unlawful conduct and associations.

Credit History/Financial Records – Get an in-depth insight into the candidate’s sense of financial responsibility, borrowings and personal stability. Detect any financial stress to gauge the candidate’s decision-making capabilities about the company’s financial matters.

Leadership Reference Check – A detailed assessment is carried out, taking feedback on their handling matters, behavioral and emotional evaluation, key decision making, project management, financial performance and influential external links for the growth of the business. We also perform rigorous searches to check reviews on various media publications, online reviews, recommendations and feedback on social media.


GenesisRMS provides all kinds of background verification or surveillance services to businesses, BFSIs, NGOs, individuals and government agencies across India. We are focused. We are agile. We are helpful.

Our work ethics are driven by speed, efficiency and accuracy and an expert team of individuals with at least a decade-old industry experience. Choose an intelligent approach to background screening rooted in years of trusted experience – to help you or your organization make confident and quick hiring decisions.