GenesisRMS Blue Shield

Comprehensive Screening for Blue-Collar Employees and Support Staff

Diverse Staff Checks

Meant to Safeguard Your Home and Workplace

A variety of blue-collar employees or support staff like domestic help, babysitters, cooks and drivers have become an indispensable part of our lives. With GenesisRMS Blue Shield ™ screening solution, conduct a compendium of checks, such as:

Criminal Record Verification – Checking for any history of crime through police stations and courts of law.

Address Verification – GenesisRMS visits the given address to determine details, such as period of stay, marital status, ownership status, etc. Further, we cross-verify the reputational feedback of the individual along with personal habits like drinking, smoking, gambling, drug addiction, etc.

Panoramic Driver Identity Scanning – This advanced verification is an API integrated with Parivahan (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India). The platform authenticates the candidate’s photo identity via driving license to validate if any counterfeiting is done.

Reference and Social Media Check – A physical investigation is carried out with the previous employers to evaluate the integrity factors like honesty, reliability, day-to-day discipline and performance. Further, social media search is performed to check if the candidate has any objectionable pictures or raging political/religious beliefs that may harm the company or the nation.

Drug Testing – To keep your environment safe, drug-free and healthy, we provide comprehensive testing services for all drugs – including standard and common tests, BAT (alcohol) testing, 5 panel, 8 panel and 10-panel Drug Screening or any specific testing.


GenesisRMS provides all kinds of background verification or surveillance services to businesses, BFSIs, NGOs, individuals and government agencies across India. We are focused. We are agile. We are helpful.

Our work ethics are driven by speed, efficiency and accuracy and an expert team of individuals with at least a decade-old industry experience. Choose an intelligent approach to background screening rooted in years of trusted experience – to help you or your organization make confident and quick hiring decisions.