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Future becomes brighter when you choose well

OUR EXPERTISEStep into the future with a sharp and optimistic team of professionals.

We bring the breath of our experience and industry knowledge to help your organization with optimal background verification.

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Risk Intelligence and Management

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Processes followed to conduct background verification

  • Emails
  • Calls
  • Online
  • Data base
  • Field visit
  • University visit

Mandatory checks before initiating background verification

  • Documents/details check
  • Company database check
  • Company registration check
  • Fake/suspicious data check
  • Net search

OUR MISSIONLong-term vision and trajectory

GenesisRMS is led by experts who work to fetch extensive knowledge and insights into the current industry trends and accordingly chart a list of must-have background verification checks for your future hires.

We pride ourselves in delivering strategic consultation built on the requirement of your organization. Furthermore, relevant background checks are suggested based on the demands of your industry. We look forward to showing you how we achieve optimum results for clients.


Privy Clientele

In these uncertain times, it’s important to make secured investments

Business Tactics

We’re here to inform which business associations will bring value and which ones will be a futile investment

Proactively utilize multimedia-based expertise for cross-media verification checks. Holistically see through not just the things that someone shows but also the things that he or she doesn’t show.

Engage in approved background verification methodologies with web-enabled technology. Interactive, coordinate and proactively engage with a process-centric verification business.

Focused Approach

Experience shows in the way we deliver

With many cases of fraud candidature in the market, it can be tiring for you or your HR team to knit-pick on the details of hundreds of applicants every day. That’s why we are here for you. Here’s outlining some of the basics of delivery below:

Verification Services
Claims Investigation
Productivity Training
Right Resource Research

Our StoryBeen in the business for over a decade

Started with the agenda to help HRs hire truthful candidates to work in an organization

To date, we take pride in rendering the best quality administration through confirmed and approved resources of background verification.

GenesisRMS team is a diverse network of consultants and industry professionals with a razor-sharp mindset and collaborative nature. We work to understand each candidature better in the pursuit of making your business run successfully. We help you weather tomorrow’s uncertainty with our best team’s guidance.