Discrepancy in Previous Jobs’ Period

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The background check conducted by Genesis Risk Mitigation Pvt. Ltd. revealed crucial discrepancies in the candidate’s employment history.

Genesis Risk Mitigation Pvt. Ltd. conducted an Employee History Check on behalf of a renowned private bank for a prospective hire. The objective was to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the candidate’s employment history.

Upon conducting the background check, discrepancies were identified in the employment history provided by the candidate. While the candidate listed four previous employers, only one company could confirm the authenticity of the relieving letter. In two instances, there were significant disparities in the dates of joining and relieving compared to the information provided by the candidate. Additionally, one company confirmed that the candidate was, in fact, terminated. Hence, it was discovered that the relieving letters presented by the candidate for three out of the four companies were not genuine.

By identifying the discrepancies in the dates of employment and the authenticity of relieving letters, our client, the private bank, was able to make an informed decision regarding the prospective hire. This helped mitigate the risk of hiring a candidate with misrepresented employment credentials , potentially saving the bank from future operational and reputational risks. Overall, the thorough background check provided valuable insights, enabling our client to safeguard its interests and maintain the integrity of its hiring process.