Best Background Checks

Avoid misguidance. Sight the unsighted.

Leverage agile frameworks and iterative approaches

Get a robust synopsis to avoid any hiring oversight. Your business is expanding. You need to immediately hire an efficient staff. But what if a fraud candidate succeeds in misleading you or your human resource team? That’s where in-steps GenesisRMS. Avoid any hiring oversights. Be confident on the candidate’s truthfulness as you go about hiring your new staff.

Benefits of Background Checks

Up to 15% Education Documents are

Up to 25% Candidates manipulate
the years of industry experience

Up to 4% Candidates
give fake residential address

Up to 8% Candidates
have a previous
Criminal record

As a background verification firm, our one and only motto is to help you make a stress-free investment in your new hires.

WHAT WE DOWe Make It Easy

GenesisRMS runs hundreds of checks in the first stage of hiring itself, to save your organization’s cost, time and efforts.


GenesisRMS provides all kinds of background screening services to businesses across India. We are focused. We are agile.
We are helpful.

Our work ethics are driven by speed, efficiency and accuracy and an expert team of individuals with at least a decade-old industry experience. Choose an intelligent approach to pre-employment screening rooted in years of trusted experience – to help your organization make confident and quick hiring decisions.

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