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A Case Study On How Genesis RMS Background Verification Services Assists Businesses

One of India’s leading digital payments, cash management and technology firm wanted to agglomerate a team of highly reliable operations executives to manage the day-to-day operations for its customer-centric business vertical.

Since it was directly linked with the company’s revenue growth, it became critical to hire the right set of candidates. The client decided to do background checks for the unit so that they could build a formidable team by eliminating the scope of risk and insecurity.

During the background verification, close to a concerning 16% discrepancies were found in the pre-hiring process. One background check even revealed that an operations executive had gone absconding without an explanation, causing heavy losses to the previous employer. Following this instance, the candidate was blacklisted from all the digital payments firms in the country.

The entire process background check process has helped our client build up a strong and trustworthy operations team with good ethics and integrity. Our client’s positive experience with the background check process led to a firm establishment of pre-employment screening in all verticals of the company.