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 Is Your Organisation Truly Safeguarded For The Later?

A popular retail lifestyle multinational client was expanding footprints in India. They wanted to hire the finest, most experienced and talented individuals. Soon enough, they hired a fulgent store manager from the same industry as theirs for a handsome remuneration.

However, within no time, the client started facing glitches in the day-to-day business affairs at this store manager’s outlet. They even received multiple complaints against the manager. Considering the apocryphal facts, they decided to do a background check for the store manager to gain feedback from his previous employers.

During the background check, it was found that the candidate was misleading our client into believing that he was an experienced store manager. However, he was only a supervisor and has forged all the documents. Also, the education check revealed that even the degree was forged; leading to the conclusion that all the business issues were happening because he simply did not have the expertise and skillset.

The firm now does background verifications (BGV) for all its candidates and has to date faced a discrepancy rate of 12%. After such a bad experience, they now believe background checks can directly assist in altering huge business losses.

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