Case Studies


One of our reputed logistics, distribution and supply chain client had increasing concerns relating to the company expenditure at one of their regional offices.

The issue raised the alarm, and our client decided to do background verification of various position holders at the regional office. We retrieved feedback from previous employers to find any links relating to this subject matter.

We found out that a regional manager who was handling finances, budgets and vendors for our client; was terminated by his previous employer due to financial malpractices.

Further details revealed that he had allegedly forged his payslips, showing higher remunerations than his actual earnings from the previous job. He did so to negotiate a better package from our client and very well succeeded in his purpose.

The previous organization also claimed that they had registered a criminal case against the employee for all his financial frauds. We later confirmed the case via criminal record check. Our client was stunned by these discoveries and findings.

Our client convoked auditors on the regional manager’s department to find out about any malpractices in the books. We found that his mendacious activities were still ongoing. An auditor detection revealed that he was inflating various vendor invoices for a long time, making a substantial difference in the overall company expenditure.

The client now does background verifications for every employee and prospective candidate to minimize employee fraud.